How the Cruise Industry Hopes to Win with Conscious Consumers

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES just wrapped up in Las Vegas and one industry, the cruise industry, which has been lagging in tech has been making headlines with innovation led by Carnival Cruises.

Innovation for this sector is critical because despite an estimated 25.3 million passengers expected to cruise in 2017 according to the Cruise Lines International Association, only 2% of all vacationers have taken a cruise.

There are plenty of real or perceived barriers that keep Conscious Consumers from giving cruises a try, including a fear of being trapped or stuck onboard, food poisoning, sea sickness or other illness, in addition to sticker shock.

Recent growth for the industry has been attributed to river cruises, popular among Baby Boomers, including my parents (Hi Mom and Dad!), but appealing to a younger generation of travelers and Conscious Consumers and getting them to embrace … Read More »

Two Conscious Consumer lifestyle trends are heating up during the post-holiday period

The chaos of the holidays is predictable. Ushered in before Black Friday and lasting through New Year’s Day, people return to “normal,” often with resolutions to improve aspects of their lives for the new year. While many refer to this time as a “holiday break,” the cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating, entertaining, party-going and traveling can be anything but a break. While the time with friends and family may be rewarding and meaningful, it can also come with stresses that are unique to the season.

There are methods Conscious Consumers employ to recover from this hectic period, many of them focused on health and well-being. Eating more healthfully, getting back to routine physical activity, practicing mindfulness, even taking a small post-holiday vacation like one of my colleagues did this past weekend. While resolutions don’t always stick long-term, there are still opportunities for … Read More »

Consumers are resolving to live more consciously in the new year

More people are looking inward as they look ahead to 2017. An annual New Year’s resolutions survey by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion found that the intention to “be a better person” has overtaken “weight loss” (a three-year champ) as the most popular resolution. Last year, that self-improvement goal didn’t even place in the top three spots.

Perhaps this isn’t so surprising coming out of a period that was, if not “the worst year ever,” a string of 12 months that saw more than its fair share of difficult and sobering moments. It was a year that racked up a number of events – from terrorist attacks to the Zika virus – that contributed to a collective sense of loss of control. And when that happens, people tend to turn inward to take charge of what they can: themselves.

Our … Read More »

Recruitment. Retention. Relapse.

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for resolutions and a renewing of goals. The New Year always provides a good moment in time to reestablish goals and try to set up better patterns for the coming year. But as most of you know, those that set goals often fail to turn that new behavior into a new and better habit. Whether that’s dropping a few pounds, giving up tobacco or increasing the time you spend giving back. Somewhere along the way we relapse. Then throughout the year we may dabble in the desired behavior, or worse, simply wait until next year to reestablish the same goals and try once again.

As marketers the old model was to use push and pull tactics in some combination to drive consumers from varying awareness levels of your brand toward brand loyalty. It … Read More »

Supporting healthy neighborhoods one book at a time

I was lucky enough to be raised in a family that stressed the importance of education. My parents tapped into my interests and passions by giving me access to after school classes, summer camps and more importantly, books! I eagerly looked forward to our teachers passing out the Scholastic Catalog, spending a couple hours reading all the book descriptions and circling the ones I hoped my parents might buy. And while I didn’t get every new book I wanted, books surrounded me throughout my childhood. They not only entertained and educated me, they set me on a path of life-long learning.

Unfortunately, not every child has the same access to books. It’s estimated that one in four children in America grow up without learning to read. This impacts their ability to advance in school and continue their education post-high school. Two-thirds … Read More »