How marketers are making boring but healthy ingredients fun again

One of the best ways to improve one’s health is to go back to the basics – whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lentils, simple proteins like eggs, milk, etc. For many people these ingredients lack excitement for our taste buds and therefore it becomes difficult to be motivated to eat a carrot versus a Cheeto. The basics can be perceived to be kind of boring especially for people who are used to highly processed but flavor-packed all-in-one meals.

As we uncovered in our THINK Report, Half-Hearteds and Test Drivers, segments that encompass 45% of the U.S. adult population, are looking for tools and techniques to help sustain or begin their efforts to keep a healthy lifestyle. As their segment names imply, Half-Hearteds can loose hope quickly and Test Drivers need a reason to believe.

Herein lies the battle. Unhealthy food … Read More »

Tapping into the wants and needs of the Health and Wellness Conscious Consumer

Take a look around and you’ll begin to notice that health is being incorporated into almost all areas of consumer life. Athletic apparel and fitness trackers have become wardrobe staples. Boutique fitness fans are finding healthy alternatives to happy hour such as hunting down a green juice cocktail or trying out a new fitness class. Companies are even starting to hold walking meetings to support the evolving lifestyles of their employees.

While not all consumers have stepped off the deep end into the world of health and wellness, it’s difficult to ignore our society’s growing interest in the field. The Global Wellness Institute estimates that the global wellness industry is a whopping $3.4 trillion market. This is more than just the latest fad; it is a cultural shift in the way that people are choosing to live their lives. The “Moveable Middle” … Read More »

Why does Snickers get to have all the fun? Conscious Consumer brands deserve compelling creative, too.

Posted on March 12th, by in Health/Wellness, Personal Experience.

When I think of compelling advertising creative, I think about interesting, unique work that makes me stop, take notice and think, “Oh man, I wish I’d done that.” They’re sometimes odd. Sometimes funny. Sometimes meaningful. And they are always memorable.

I’ve noticed that for me, this happens mostly with brands like Snickers, Old Spice and Nike, companies I wouldn’t categorize as “Conscious Consumer brands.” They’re massive. No, they’re bigger than massive. They are Goliaths—the brands that small, up-and-coming brands are trying to compete with, like fresh-pressed juice bars, organic soap manufacturers and boutique gyms.

Conscious Consumer brands can sometimes fall into an odd trap. In an attempt to market themselves as authentic and tell their story, these brands can sometimes produce creative that’s too serious. Too boring. Too goody-goody. Their messages disappear into the ether if the creative isn’t unique, interesting or … Read More »

#killthecup – When good ideas go bad

Imagine inventing a product that quickly builds into a billion dollar business. It’s what we strive for in business, right? Imagine that your revenue continues to grow. Now you’re a $4.8 billion dollar business and selling over a billion units of your core product annually. Wow, right?

Well, maybe not. Keurig Green Mountain Coffee makers, the ones that make single serve coffee makers, have built an incredibly successful business in a relatively short period of time. The coffee makers and the single serve cups can now be found in over 13 million households. That’s one in nine American households according to one report. The technology that helps keep the cups from melting every time you brew a cup of coffee or hot cocoa is what prevents them from being recyclable. And its impact is dramatic. The number of cups that go into … Read More »

How social media listening tools help uncover Conscious Consumer conversations

On a weekly basis, I meet with a number of software companies selling analytics dashboards for tracking social media chatter. I have found these social media listening dashboards invaluable because they consolidate a mountain of data from multiple platforms into one, flexible reporting tool. It’s the best way to figure out whether or not your social media content (posts, videos, blogs, etc.) is resonating with your audience and more importantly, what your competition is or isn’t doing to get higher engagement.

Recently, I met with a company called Infegy. I was impressed that they had access to over seven years of data – a unique offering, as well as the depth of their toolsets. Their tools dig deeper to provide better nuances of consumer conversations. Even more impressive was Infegy’s willingness to provide free trend reports on their website. As a … Read More »