How are you shaping the future?

Fast Company recently highlighted cities and people they thought were leading the way in terms of shaping the environment of our urban future. As they point out, according to UN estimates, 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. And in the U.S. we are already at 80%.

In the article from the July/August 2015 issue, they share 20 examples of those who are leading the way. And it was no surprise to me that most of these initiatives are directly related to conscious consumption and a more sustainable way of living. Examples include keeping and upgrading older buildings in Buffalo, providing more affordable housing to Millennials and significantly upgrading the entire transit system in Denver.

My favorite was the creation of a food oasis in Louisville. Deemed a “food desert” by the USDA, this particular area of Louisville’s … Read More »

Thrive Market: The online shopping club for Conscious Consumers

It was only a matter of time before someone leveraged the power and convenience of online shopping with conscious consumption. Welcome to Thrive Market. Thrive Market’s promise is to deliver “Wholesome products. Wholesale prices.” and is structured as an online club. For just $59.95 per year, you can get access to nearly 3,000 natural and organic products like food, supplements, home, personal care and beauty products at 25-50% less than retail. Plus, with every paid membership, Thrive will donate a free membership to a low-income family.

As a corporation, Thrive Market is 100% carbon neutral and all packaging, boxes and inserts are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. So, right out of the gate, Thrive Market hits on all the social tenants that resonate with Conscious Consumers. Most of all, they made it simple.

One of the more interesting facets of … Read More »

The Future of Brand Fanaticism

It’s not just hard to imagine a company that’s built up more brand loyalty than Apple – it’s nearly impossible. Last year, Forbes reported on a study of iPhone users and found that 59% confessed “blind loyalty” to the device, with 78% saying they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now.”

Apple’s path to this sort of devotion was calculated and complex. During Steve Jobs’ tenure as CEO, the company managed to identify its products as attainable status symbols, attracting a huge swath of the tech market with a hyper-desirable product that they could actually afford. Fresh and innovative marketing (remember those iPod commercials with great music and dancing?) coupled with incredible demand to produce a feeding frenzy over all things Apple.

But Apple’s monopoly on obsessive brand loyalty is coming to an end. That’s right, there’s a new heir … Read More »

Lessons in Conscious Consumer Brand Strategy

Yum Brands, parent company of chain restaurants Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, would likely not make anyone’s list of Conscious Consumer brands. But as we’ve been preaching, and as our THINK report reveals, you don’t have to be a Conscious Consumer brand to want to reach the 80% of Americans who exhibit Conscious Consumer behaviors. As Rob referred to in this post mentioning Oreo cookies, even indulgent brands can have an angle with Conscious Consumers. After all, the majority of people who express Conscious Consumer intent are not the Torchbearers who strive to be near-perfect in their behaviors. The majority have good intentions while acknowledging imperfection.

Those are the consumers Yum Brands is appealing to. With 41,000 restaurants worldwide, accounting for $13 billion of consumer spending per year, that’s an awful lot of pizzas, tacos and chicken. And it’s not … Read More »

The currency of Conscious Consumers? To serve others.

How would you like to have 10,000 consultants at your disposal—at any given time, on any given subject, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and all on one platform? Sounds good doesn’t it? And what if I told you this service was free? Yep, free. Even better, right?

Well that’s exactly what Chris Brogan and his partner Rob Hatch at Owner Media Group have done. Chris and Rob’s business is designed to help business owners build momentum. They fill in knowledge gaps, provide coaching as well as a variety of models and processes to help owners shore up their businesses and once again, build momentum. Much of their work centers around the digital space —selling products and services online—but the principles they teach can be applied across a wide range of business categories.

Recently Chris and Rob launched a … Read More »