Finding Conscious Consumerism where you might not expect it: At the bottom of a Dairy Queen Blizzard

Top-of-mind topics when we think about Conscious Consumerism include health and environment, which appropriately are also topics often covered in our blog. When we think about our Conscious Consumer manifesto…

“My consumption impacts myself, my family, my community, and the world at large. I consider issues of health, environment, and social responsibility when I make decisions.”

…it makes sense that these areas are a focus of ours. Especially because CCF has deep experience in the health and wellness arena. We spend a lot of time working on changing people’s behavior – whether it’s to get them to quit smoking, ride the bus or join a gym.

But we shouldn’t forget that other Conscious Consumer issue: social responsibility. And often, that’s the issue that influences purchases in categories that are not obviously “conscious.” Getting away from mission-oriented companies – the ones who come to … Read More »

The rise of the Wellness Company

The title of my post is a little misleading, because if you’ve been following or taking part in the Conscious Consumer conversation for any amount of time, you know there’s something to win. Forecasts say the health and wellness industry will be worth a trillion dollars within the next year or two. Depending on what you put under the umbrella of “health and wellness,” it could already be worth a lot more than that. And I’m here to say that a lot of companies who have realized the potential in the wellness industry are putting themselves under the umbrella.

It was about seven years ago that I started to realize the future of “wellness.” In my life at advertising agencies, I had worked on a number of clients in the traditional healthcare world and a number on the fringes. As a … Read More »

Pushing Social Change forward with consumer engagement

Matt Thompson is a guest blogger this week. Matt joined Clarity Coverdale Fury in January as a New Business Development intern. Matt has an interest in Conscious Consumers stemming from a passion for collaboration within the local community and working to create positive change.

Here at CCF, we are currently in the process of developing our 2014 THINK Report. We’ve fielded the research, built the story and are working hard to create something that is not only insightful but also applicable to marketers and brands. Having spent a great amount of time with the research, one of the things that stuck out to me had to do with consumers’ interest in social issues and the time that they devote to the issues respectively.

As you can see, for a majority of the issues there is a discrepancy between the level of consumer … Read More »

Why TGI Fridays’ Hail Mary Won’t Appeal to Conscious Consumers

By now, you have probably heard about TGI Fridays’ latest promotion, endless appetizers. If you haven’t, the deal is straightforward: Any consumer can choose one of seven appetizers, ranging from mozzarella sticks to bruschetta to spinach dip, and get as many free “refills” on that specific order as they’d like for $10.

In one way, you could look at it as a marketer’s dream, as the brand has not seen press like this in years. People are actually talking about TGI Fridays. Even David Letterman.

On the other hand, if you watched that video or read this Huffington Post article, you might agree that this ploy seems like a “Hail Mary” attempt to bring new customers into Fridays restaurants. As Aaron Allen, a restaurant consultant said in the article:

“In the short term, they will definitely have more traffic, but in the long term … Read More »

Conscious Consumer values: Honesty

About a year ago at the LOHAS conference in Boulder I got to hear Seth Goldman, “TeaEO” of Honest Tea talk about his company, their acquisition by Coca Cola, and maintaining their Conscious Consumer values post-acquisition. While that’s a meaty topic of its own, one of the things Seth shared with the conference attendees was a fun social experiment from Honest Tea called The National Honesty Index.

The index measures honesty in cities across the U.S. (Note that Honest Tea is clear that this is a loose social experiment, not a scientific study) by installing Honest Tea “honor system” kiosks in busy public spaces. Passers by see the Honest Tea displays with a collection box in the middle, requesting $1 per bottle (all of which is donated to charity). With hidden cameras and undercover employees capturing demographic information about those who pay … Read More »