What social media channel is right for your message?

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about who the Conscious Consumer is and in particular the Moveable Middle and how they might be motivated to shift their attitudes and behaviors. We also showcased some great brand messaging and promotional campaigns that hit at the heart of those motivations. However, we haven’t spent much time talking about the right digital channels to spread that message. Without a doubt, social media is an excellent platform to raise awareness and attach your brand to Conscious Consumer causes. But, do you know which ones are the right to reach your audience?

Recently, Business Insider (BI) released a demographic report on the most popular social media channels. Here’s a demographic snapshot of the bigger social media channels. You might be surprised how some platforms are maturing and others are the perfect place to reach Millennials.

Facebook: … Read More »

Quizzing Conscious Consumers: What exactly is a GMO?

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A little over a year ago we blogged about legislation in California that would have required food manufacturers to label all products that contained genetically engineered ingredients. This measure, Proposition 37, ended up failing, as Kathy’s post mentioned, in part because of major funding to kill the initiative by many of these large food producers including Monsanto, Dupont, Pepsico, Bayer and Dow.

A year later, two new states (Oregon and Colorado) are trying to pass similar GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling measures on this year’s ballot after legislation in California and Washington has failed in the last two years. The only state to approve GMO labeling has been Vermont, which happened this past spring.

But what got me thinking about this was not the news headlines about these two ballot measures, which I have seen in passing, but rather this video as part … Read More »

The Conscious Consumer tipping point

Cristen Ostrom is a guest author on our Insights blog. Cristen is a Senior Project Manager, Brand Development at CCF. She lives a conscious lifestyle through exercise, mainly yoga and running with her dog Bear, and an emphasis on buying organic and natural foods. 

In February 2014, CCF blogger Molly Hull took us on a tour of “really cool ideas she wished she would have thought of herself.” Things like reusable clear trash bags, door-to-door donation pickup services and Little Free Libraries.

Since then, I have been following the Little Free Library movement closely, watching tiny libraries pop up all around my neighborhood. A community movement started in Hudson, Wisconsin by Todd Bol and his partner just four years ago has gone global and is building literacy around the world. Now an integral part of communities worldwide, these tiny libraries grace thousands of … Read More »

Targeting Men: Just another variable or your future “rock star?”

Women have long been the one many marketers focus on, and for good reason. After all, historically they control the purse strings. Varying studies put that purchasing power as high as 85% of all household purchases. Even with tech devices and new cars women are said to be the decision makers more than 60% of the time. But that appears to be changing. According to a recent Washington Post article and a study conducted by the NPD Group, men now represent 4 in 10 of all primary grocery store shoppers.

So do you need to walk away from women as a target? Of course not. Target both? No, but you do need to prioritize. After all, as much as we would like them to be, budgets are not infinite and never will be. A good friend and colleague of mine, and … Read More »

Two big brands launch fall campaigns centered on Conscious Consumers

For a couple of years now, we’ve been investigating the habits and motivations of Conscious Consumers. Along the way, we’ve made predictions and provided guidance on how brands should tap into this growing and shifting change in consumer’s attitudes and buying habits. So, it’s always fun when predictions and insights turn into actual campaigns and significant shifts in brand strategies.

Recently, two of the largest retailers in the U.S. have launched new campaigns that tap specifically into Conscious Consumer mindsets and behaviors. Here’s an overview of both campaigns and some additional predictions on what we might see next.

Target: “Made to Matter”

For a while now, Target has stocked a variety of eco-friendly products on their shelves like Seventh Generation, Method, Burt’s Bees and Kashi. But, this fall, Target launched a new campaign – grouping all the products under one brand identity called … Read More »