Target Partners with Tom Shoes

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Last week, Target announced at its National Sales Meeting in Minneapolis that they would be partnering this holiday season with blog darling Toms Shoes. As the video below mentions, the two brands are teaming up for a limited-edition collection that will follow Toms’ buy one, give one business model.

The news is one of the first big announcements since Brian Cornell, Target’s new CEO, started. Cornell is turning to Conscious Consumers to help emerge from a painful period for the brand. Advocates of the brand have seen their confidence in Target erode since the massive credit card breach that led to former CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s resignation.

It is also interesting that Cornell used this internal event to announce the Toms partnership. Target’s corporate employee morale came under fire when this anonymous letter was written to and posted by Gawker in May. To Target’s credit at … Read More »

Pros and cons: When big manufacturers acquire Conscious Consumer brands

I recently blogged about Honest Tea, a company that was acquired by Coca Cola in 2011. Honest Tea President and TeaEO Seth Goldman spoke at the 2013 LOHAS conference. The LOHAS audience varied widely, from independent entrepreneurs to CMOs. While everyone had a shared interest in Conscious Consumerism, there were varied levels of commitment and experience. There was some chatter among the Conscious purists about Seth being invited to speak, citing that he should not be a LOHAS role model, having “sold out” to corporate America.

At the same time, the presence of major brands like Coca Cola and Seventh Generation appealed to many of us who are interested in how Conscious Consumerism is changing corporate America. As significant shifts in consumer values are taking place, we marketing strategists can’t reiterate enough that major manufacturers need to keep up or fall … Read More »

Buzzword Bingo: Are you getting enough gluten-free pea protein?

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Is pea protein the new hummus? I don’t know, but you don’t have to look far to get overwhelmed with the language that is being introduced and continually promoted to the American consumer.  And I’m not talking about multiple categories. I’m talking food, and actually only a slice of food. Albeit growing, but only a slice.

When we look at products being launched and promoted to the healthier eating and living set, the list of new products or even “old brands with a new twist” is growing quickly.  A recent article talked about General Mills alone launching 150 new products – many of them targeted right at this group. The article is loaded with all the right buzzwords and phrases. Flaxseeds, quinoa, gluten-free, granola, amaranth, protein, grain-free granola and more. Amaranth was new to me and may just be the quinoa of … Read More »

The Great Minnesota Get Together expands to meet the needs of Conscious Consumers

It’s that time of year again!  The time of year where food lives on a stick, paper pig-ear crowns become high fashion and yardsticks become preferred walking sticks. The Minnesota State Fair, as known as “The Great Minnesota Get Together” draws more than a million people each year – making it the largest State Fair in daily attendance in the country.

With more than a hundred thousand people attending daily, its no surprise that conscious consumption habits are more visible and making a stronger impact. Here are just a few highlights from this year’s fair.

Public transportation to the fair is on the rise. On average, more than 43 percent of fair-goers attend the fair via public transportation. Metro Transit expects a conservative 3% increase due to the launch of the Green Line light-rail to St. Paul in June and a brand … Read More »

Conscious Consumer Culture at CCF

Kristine Erickson is a guest blogger this week. Kristine joined Clarity Coverdale Fury in May as a New Business/Brand Development Intern. Kristine has an interest in Conscious Consumers stemming from her photography work with local businesses and a desire to improve their connection within the community.

As an intern with Clarity Coverdale Fury, I’ve observed and recently photographed a culture that fully embraces what CCF has coined the “Conscious Consumer.” If this is new territory for you, Conscious Consumers simply embrace the following:What I’ve discovered at CCF is an intersection between the agency’s expertise in the growing arena of conscious consumption and employees who emulate these lifestyle choices everyday. It’s embedded in the culture.  Following is a look into the Conscious Consumer culture at CCF and some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the past few weeks.

Two wheels vs. four

More bikes come into the office daily than I can count on both hands – not bad … Read More »