Benefit Corporations are the new Non-Profits for Conscious Consumers

Recently Kickstarter made Conscious Consumer headlines, not because of a crowd-funding project for a Fluid, a Nest-like water conservation system (although it is pretty cool, check it out), but rather because they became the latest in prominent Conscious Consumer brands that are now Benefit Corporations.

To become a Benefit Corporation, the brand must:

Have a corporate purpose to create a material positive impact on society and the environment.
Are required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on shareholders but also on workers, community and the environment.
Are required to make available to the public an annual benefit report that assesses overall social and environmental performance against a third-party standard.

Diane blogged about Benefit Corporations or B-Corps last year after attending the Top Coast Festival which featured Warby Parker, another prominent brand with this designation.

Benefit Corporations allow for-profit businesses appealing to Conscious Consumers a … Read More »

Target continues as a retail health and wellness thought leader

Talk about leading the way: Target stopped selling tobacco products in 1996, almost 20 years ago. Though the reason provided at the time was that costs to keep cigarettes out of the hands of youth outweighed profits from tobacco, read further in this New York Times article from 1996, and you’ll see that one oracle predicted the future:

”’Several major chains are considering it [stopping tobacco sales] in connection with adding medical services in order to position themselves as health care providers,’’ said Eric Sorenson, managing director of the Center for Retail Management at the Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business.”

Fast forward to 2014, when CVS dropped tobacco products from the shelves and introduced CVS Health. A media frenzy followed, but with a much more passionate acknowledgement of the role of health.

Jumping on the health bandwagon isn’t new, and this blog post covers … Read More »

The Marriage of Conscious Consumers and Local and Regional DMOs

There are a lot of places I could go with a headline such as the one above, but let’s start with these three areas:

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) tend to struggle in their shoulder seasons
There are a lot of activities that Conscious Consumers are interested in
Making participation turnkey is a form of coaching

When we pull these three issues together therein lies an opportunity for DMOs to create more traffic during the times of year when they are not experiencing the organic traffic of summertime vacationers.

Bringing together an event that caters to enthusiasts is nothing new. After all, events like the Stowe Derby, billed as the oldest downhill cross-country ski race, have been going on for years. In fact, this year it will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and will likely draw close to 800 racers, their families and friends. But when … Read More »

Marketing “transparency” to Conscious Consumers

Monsanto, one of the world’s largest producers of genetically modified seeds, has been hammered by the environmental press and advocacy groups for more than a decade. Often portrayed as the big evil corporation that cares more about profitability then the health of consumers, Monsanto has had its share of negative press. In the past few years things have heated up further due to some contentious legislation to have GMO labels placed on all packaged foods. And while there are many companies that will be affected by the GMO labeling legislation, Monsanto has been the biggest target of public criticism.

So what does a $15 billion dollar company do when they start to see they are losing favor with their customers? They engage in the conversation. Recently, Monsanto launched a campaign called “Dinner’s Ready.”


The spot hits on the all the emotional touch … Read More »

Conscious Consumers need a vacation

The upcoming Labor Day weekend and start of the school year signals the end of summer and vacations for many across the country including Conscious Consumers. The physical and mental benefits of vacations have been well documented, and in this space we have blogged about the decisions Conscious Consumers make when traveling and Kathy’s personal experience with an eco-vacation.

Our study of the Conscious Consumers with Mintel provides us a unique opportunity to dig deeper to look at why they may be looking for a break and what they are looking to get out of a vacation.

We know more than half of Conscious Consumers are overwhelmed:

56% are concerned with stress management
52% are concerned with their own mental health
52% are concerned with their spiritual-well being
47% are concerned with the mental health of a family member

Not surprisingly, after a vacation people tend to be … Read More »