How social media listening tools help uncover Conscious Consumer conversations

On a weekly basis, I meet with a number of software companies selling analytics dashboards for tracking social media chatter. I have found these social media listening dashboards invaluable because they consolidate a mountain of data from multiple platforms into one, flexible reporting tool. It’s the best way to figure out whether or not your social media content (posts, videos, blogs, etc.) is resonating with your audience and more importantly, what your competition is or isn’t doing to get higher engagement.

Recently, I met with a company called Infegy. I was impressed that they had access to over seven years of data – a unique offering, as well as the depth of their toolsets. Their tools dig deeper to provide better nuances of consumer conversations. Even more impressive was Infegy’s willingness to provide free trend reports on their website. As a … Read More »

Conscious Consumerism’s effect on the economy

As marketers, entrepreneurs or industry experts (maybe all three), we try to balance keeping one eye on trends and future opportunities while also remaining focused on immediate tasks and issues that affect our business today.

Recently, Inc. published a list of their top industries for starting a business in 2015.

Fantasy Sports Services
Relaxation Beverages
Legal Marijuana
Public-Sector Technology
Gamification Services
Yoga and Pilates
Food E-commerce
Agricultural Software

While not all of these eight industries have direct Conscious Consumer applications, many of them do and the reasons why Inc. is highlighting them is because of topics we have been covering on this blog and in our THINK reports the last two years.

Relaxation Beverages

Inc. is reporting that this is already a $150 million industry and has yet to reach the saturation point despite there being around 450 types from 80 brands in the market already. These early adopters recognized what we saw … Read More »

Conscious Consumer apps

There are an overwhelming number of smartphone apps that have been designed to facilitate healthy behavior change. At recent social gatherings, I’ve heard the merits of myFitnessPal versus Calorie Count, Fitbit versus FuelBand versus Jawbone, and MapMyRun versus Runkeeper. Aside from these well-known apps that make tracking health behavior easier, there are two apps that have piqued my interest lately for their targeted Conscious Consumer focus. Both assist with healthy behavior change while providing a charitable donation at no cost to the user.

On the nutrition side, there’s FoodTweeks. Users of FoodTweeks enter the food they’re about to eat and receive suggestions for changes that will reduce calories. Skipping the mayo, removing the top bun or getting a coffee sans whipped cream are the types of suggestions that might be offered. When a user selects a “tweek” to implement, the calories … Read More »

Super Bowl buzz and the Conscious Consumer


An average of 114.4 million viewers per minute tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLIX, making it the most-watched event in U.S. TV history. For advertisers, it is the ultimate opportunity to deliver perfectly crafted messages and create buzz for brands.

Our recently released 2015 THINK Report reveals that 78% of all American adults fall into what we call the Moveable Middle when it comes to the scale of social change. Consumers in the Moveable Middle are crucial to Conscious Consumer brands as they have the potential to become brand advocates.

Jeep made a play for the Conscious Consumer mindset with its ‘Beautiful Lands’ Super Bowl commercial this past Sunday. With the tagline “The world is a gift. Play responsibly.” Jeep directed viewers’ attention towards the earth-conscious topic of preservation. It is known to us that brands that find ways to coach consumers … Read More »

Choose the path of least resistance


Did you know that we just recently released the latest THINK Report that is available for free download? This our second year partnering with Mintel and the results were even more insightful. It continues to prove that conscious consumption is even stronger than we could have imagined. Our long-term goal is to provide longitudinal evidence not only of the conscious consumption category but also to provide our clients the nuances of particular consumption preferences and emerging trends.

You may recall that last year we focused on conscious consumption in the health and wellness space. We shared quite a bit on this blog about what motivates consumers to make to conscious health decisions and which brands are fostering these habits. This year, we added a category of how people practice conscious consumption related to green or eco-friendly practices.

We’re branching out into the … Read More »