Conscious Consumer brands are thankful for media fragmentation

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As the chart below displays, media consumption among all consumers, including Conscious Consumers, is on a rise since 2008. In large part, multitasking has accounted for a 21% increase in consumption.

The meteoric rise in consumption has come from the adoption and utilization of mobile phones and tablets, an 800% increase since 2008. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone has only been around since July 2007 and the iPad was introduced in April 2010.

The death of television has been greatly exaggerated over the years, as it remains resilient and king. Advances in technology now allow for time-shifting, on-demand and streaming viewing in your living room.

Just as the consumption landscape has become more cluttered and fragmented, so have the options that are now available for marketers to reach Conscious Consumers through paid media channels. The old “spray and pray” model of … Read More »

How Pinterest is redefining the way Conscious Consumers shop online

Pinterest boasts 1.36 million visitors a day, 44.5 million users in 2015 and a projected growth rate of 24%. Pinterest, the social media platform that allows users to search millions of “pins” and create personalized “boards,” is going beyond recipes, DIY inspirations and party prep, to redefine the way consumers shop online.

Companies are attracted to marketing on Pinterest because of the fluidity and versatility of the platform. Promoted pins, pins that businesses pay to post, blend right into any user’s board and act as a regular pin. This versatility means that they don’t act like an ad, they don’t distract like an ad, they don’t even look like an ad.

In addition, businesses are also interested in using Pinterest because of the longevity of pins. Nearly 80% of pins are re-pins which means they last quite awhile: “The average useful lifespan of … Read More »

Leveraging fitness trends to benefit destination marketing

We know from our THINK Reports that Conscious Consumers are very interested in health and wellness, and we know that more and more consumers of all types want experiences versus sit-by-the-pool packages for vacations or getaways. In fact, when we look at the growth of brands like Fitbit and other health and wellness wearables we see an amazing growth curve. Fitbit, the category leader, has seen growth of 158.8% from Q2 2014 to Q2 2015 and the category of Smartwatches and Fitness Bands is up 232% during that same time period.

With this kind of growth and what I know about destination marketing, I asked myself what brands are doing, or – candidly – not doing, to take advantage of these Conscious Consumer interests.

Tucked away in the nation’s state parks and trails is an opportunity. An opportunity to take this interest in … Read More »

The Purpose-Oriented Workforce

Do you look at your job as a way to make an impact or are you just waiting for your next paycheck? You might be surprised to learn that your mindset has a direct effect on your job performance, leadership level and overall wellbeing. The old adage “do what you love and the money will follow” now has a study to back it up.

The recently released 2015 Workforce Purpose Index is a survey of the U.S. workforce based on a sample of 6,332 working adult respondents. The intent of this annual study is to understand the work orientations that exist in the U.S. workforce and help employers, educators and policy makers better understand the value of these mindsets. And while there is more research to be done, the initial findings have some valuable implications for all employers – large and … Read More »

Holidays should be spent outside – not fighting over the newest, shiniest gadget.

That’s the message coming out of Seattle, WA based REI, who announced earlier this week that each of their 143 stores would be closed on Black Friday, and employees would be paid to spend the day outside.

In an official press release, company CEO Jerry Stritzke wrote “…while the rest of the world is fighting it out in the aisles, we’ll be spending our day a little differently. We’re choosing to opt outside, and want you to come with us.”

Black Friday has quickly become a monolith in the American shopping landscape: in 2015, shoppers spent nearly $1.5 billion on that one day alone. But instead of joining the ranks of companies offering ever-steeper cuts and earlier open-times to lure customers in, REI is looking to catch the attention of shoppers who’ve seen one too many videos of shoppers fighting over a … Read More »